FIFA 18 as its name suggests is the sixteenth episode of the FIFA saga created by the house EA. Indeed FIFA 18 as its predecessors is a game of simulation of football that tends to get closer to reality. Developed by the Canadian home EA sport; it has served as a reference in the world of simulation games for several years. Indeed for this year, the Canadian firm put the dishes in the big onesinnovating with the entry of the women’s teams. But this is not the position of the expectations of the followers of Fifa, indeed the previous simulation was decried for its speed too fast; slow tackles and excessive nullity of the goalkeepers. All of these remarks were retained by game developers who rethought how to defend the AI ​​goalkeepers was increased .

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Fifa 18 COIN generating TIPS

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Fifa 18: we talk about the game in general

At the end of the year; FIFA 18 is the most popular football simulation game and this year, the Canadian studio EA has put the double cuts to catch up with the fiasco of the previous opus. Going in this direction, we see that the FIFA 18 simulation has arrived with a new graphic. In addition, this opus of the series FIFA is accompanied by many innovations or new functionalities in short everything has been revised, corrected improved in order to allow the habitués of this game addictive to fully enjoy their passion even closer to the reality . Already at the level of innovations; there is the entry of women’s football teams including those of Germany, the United States or even France with its stars like Gaëtane Thiney or Marie-Laure Délie. Still on the level of innovations the opus Fifa 16 arrive with more than 350 modifications or improvements of faces and gestures to get even closer to the reality, 900 additional songs were added compared to Fifa 18 .